Looking at other people’s makeup is one of my top guilty pleasures, so.. here’s mine! I pack a lot of makeup for cosplay – let’s see What’s In My Makeup Bag!

If you are unfamiliar with makeup, I recommend reading my dedicated post on Cosplay Makeup first! This entry is to show which products I like to use myself and take with me for events rather than as a guide.

None of the products mentioned here are sponsored. Everything I have listed was bought by myself, I have not been paid to recommend anything! If you are interested in anything listed here, I recommend you do some research on the products first and see what works for you!

My Makeup Bag

This is my staple makeup bag, a Tokidoki x JuJuBe Be Ready in the print Sea Punk. The JuJuBe brand does a lot of colourful, fun prints!

This bag is sturdy and spacious, with elasticated pockets to help keep everything nice and organised! It has a zipper closure and inside the lid has an elasticated strip which is ideal for storing thin items like brushes, mascara, etc. On the back there is a small plastic sleeve where I keep one of my cosplay cards with my contact details.

As far as makeup bags go they’re a little expensive, but I highly recommend them. They’re machine washable and amazing quality!

What’s Inside?

My makeup bag is packed full of products ready for MikuruKurumi and Leon, so there’s plenty inside! Let’s take a look..

BAM. Yeah uh, there’s a lot in here. I pack the bag as neatly and tightly as possible to avoid things rolling around and getting damaged, so it’s a bit intense to look at!

Moisturiser & Primer

Benefit • Total Moisture Facial Cream
NYX • Hydratouch Primer
NYX • Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer “Clear”

Concealer & Foundation

Revolution • Fast Base Concealer “C0.5”
Beauty Bakerie • Flour Setting Powder “Yellow”

Revolution • Conceal & Define Foundation “F3”
Stila • Illuminating Powder Foundation “10 Watts”

Blush, Bronzer, Highlight & Contour

Benefit • Box Blush “Hervana”
Benefit • Box Blush “Gold Rush”
Benefit • Cheek Tint “Lolli Tint”
Benefit • Cheek Tint “Cha Cha Tint”

Lottie London • Tan Time Bronzer “Light/Medium”
Lottie London • Shimmer Squad Palette
NYX • Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

Eyeliner, Eyebrows & Mascara

Stila • Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner “Intense Black”
Stila • Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner “Dark Brown”
Lottie London • AM to PM Kohl Eyeliner “Black”
Lottie London • AM to PM Kohl Eyeliner “Mocha”

Benefit • Ka-Brow! “3”
NYX • Jumbo Eye Pencil “Milk”
NYX • Lip Liner “Dolly Pink”
NYX • Suede Lip Liner “Leon”
KIKO • Intense Colour Eyeliner “05”

Benefit • Bad Gal Bang Mascara
Benefit • Roller Lash Mascara


MAC • Lipstick “Sweetie”
MAC • Lipstick “Half ‘n Half”

Stila • Silk Shimmer Gloss “Kitten”
Sugarpill • Liquid Lip Colour “Clink!”
Sugarpill • Liquid Lip Colour “Doll Up”

Finishing Touches

Urban Decay • All Nighter Setting Spray
Eylure • False Eyelashes “083”
Eylure • False Eyelashes “101”

All Made Up!

Phew. That’s all of it!

I pack to compliment the wigs I will be wearing for my costumes. People with dark hair suit different colours from people with fair hair, and it’s even trickier with unnatural colours! I try to do makeup tests before packing to be sure everything I am bringing will compliment my character well, as well as some neutral favourites for everyday wear.

Most of my makeup routine is the same for each character until I add blush, bronzer, eyebrow and lip colours. I have very sensitive eyes so I don’t take contacts and I rarely use eyeshadow – instead I use a little bit of highlighter on my eyes and let my eyeliner do the rest.

I use a mix of brands, as you can see. For cosplay it comes down to what looks best on camera rather than sticking with your favourite brands!

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into my makeup bag!

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