Hello! My name is Heather, known as Exelia!

I live in North East England and I have been cosplaying since 2005. I am self taught and have made over 100 costumes for myself and others. I love making cute, classic costumes, experimenting with different materials and techniques.. and of course, bringing my favourite characters to life!

In 2020, I started a Cosplay themed YouTube series – Cosplay Chatter

I have appeared at many events as a UK Cosplay Representative, a Guest, Judge or Speaker. I love presenting talks, helping people understand what cosplay is and how to get involved!

I am an experienced Judge for many international qualifiers including: Championships of Cosplay, Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup, Cosplay World Masters, European Cosplay Gathering, International Cosplay League and World Cosplay Summit.

In the gallery, you can find lots of examples of my Costumes! Each costume has an Introduction, a Gallery, detailed Construction Notes and a Construction Gallery for anyone who is interested in learning how my costumes are made. Not every costume is listed, but there’s plenty!

I also have a Blog where I write up entries about all different aspects of cosplay: getting started, attending events, the cosplay community, competitions and much more!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you like what you see!
You can contact me via email at hi@exeliax.co.uk!
If you like my work, you can support me on Ko-Fi!

2017 European Cosplay Gathering Season 7, Japan Expo, France
UK Solo Representative
Performance – Skies of Arcadia, Aika

2016 Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup, AnimeCon, Netherlands
Team UK Representative with PopcornKuma
Performance – Chobits, Sumomo & Chii

2013 World Cosplay Summit, Nagoya, Japan
Team UK representative with Yuka
Performance – Final Fantasy VI, Kefka Palazzo & Terra Branford

2013 Appearance on Youは何しに日本へ?, Japan
Team UK representative with Yuka

World Cosplay Summit Video Division UK,
Cosplay Central Host
CosPhotoTalk The UK Cosplay Community, Online Interview Guest

MCM London Comic Con, London UK Guest, Judge & Speaker
MCM Scotland Comic Con, Glasgow UK – Guest, Judge & Speaker
YoumaCon, Detroit MI, U.S.A. – Guest of Honour, Judge & Speaker

Anime Go!, Wallsend UK – Host, Judge & Speaker
Rai-Con Spring, Glasgow UK – Guest, Judge & Speaker

Rai-Con Spring, Glasgow UK – Guest, Judge & Speaker
Anime Go!, Wallsend UK – Host, Judge & Speaker
EGX, Birmingham UK – Judge & Speaker
Rai-Con Winter, Glasgow UK – Guest, Judge & Speaker

Glasgow Comic Con, Glasgow UK – Guest & Judge
Anime Go!, Wallsend UK – Host, Judge & Speaker
EGX, Birmingham UK – Speaker
Rai-Con Winter, Glasgow UK – Guest & Speaker

Sunderland Comic Con, Sunderland UK – Guest, Judge & Speaker
Newcastle Film & Comic Con, Newcastle UK – Guest, Judge & Speaker
EGX, Birmingham UK – Judge & Speaker
Densetsu, Gateshead UK – Guest of Honour, Judge & Speaker
Halloween Cosplay Workshop, South Shields UK– Organiser & Host

SunnyCon, Sunderland UK – Speaker
Hyper Japan, London UK – Guest, Judge & Speaker

AyaCon, Warwick UK – Speaker
Play Expo, Manchester UK – Guest, Judge & Speaker