Hello! My name is Heather. You might know me as Exelia!

I live in Newcastle upon Tyne, England and have been cosplaying since 2005. I love making cute, classic costumes, experimenting with different materials and techniques.

I have appeared at many events as a UK Cosplay Representative, a Guest, Judge and Speaker, helping people understand what cosplay is and how to get involved!

Professional Enquiries? Contact me at hi@exeliax.co.uk ★

I am an experienced Judge for many international qualifiers including;

★ Crown Championships of Cosplay
★ Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup
★ Cosplay World Masters
★ European Cosplay Gathering
★ International Cosplay League
★ World Cosplay Summit

I have also judged many esteemed cosplay competitions, masquerades and performances at events across the UK, including;

★ ACME Cosplay City Championship
★ EGX Cosplay Showcase
★ Insomnia Cosplay Championship
MCM Cosplay Masquerade
MCM Variety Show

As a competitive cosplayer myself, I understand how stressful competing can be and how important it is to have experienced judges. I pride myself on having a strong, varied knowledge of techniques, and I offer thorough feedback to every competitor after each show!

This website features a gallery of Costumes! Each costume has an Introduction, a Gallery and detailed Construction Notes for anyone who is interested in how some of my costumes are made!

I also have a Blog where I write up entries about all different aspects of cosplay: getting started, attending events, the cosplay community, competitions and much more!

In 2020, I started a Cosplay themed YouTube ChannelCosplay Chatter.

Rai-Con Spring
, Glasgow UK – Guest, Judge & Speaker
Comic Con North East, Newcastle upon Tyne UK
 – Judge & Speaker
EGX, London UK Guest, Senior Judge & Speaker
TBA, London UK – Guest, Judge & Speaker

MCM London Comic Con, London UK Guest, Judge & Speaker
Insomnia Gaming Festival, Birmingham UK
 – Guest, Judge & Speaker
EGX, London UK – Guest & Judge

World Cosplay Summit Video Division UK,
Cosplay Central Host
CosPhotoTalk The UK Cosplay Community, Online Interview Guest

MCM London Comic Con, London UK Guest, Judge & Speaker
MCM Scotland Comic Con, Glasgow UK – Guest, Judge & Speaker
YoumaCon, Detroit MI, U.S.A. – Guest of Honour, Judge & Speaker

Anime Go!, Wallsend UK – Host, Judge & Speaker
Rai-Con Spring, Glasgow UK – Guest, Judge & Speaker

Rai-Con Spring, Glasgow UK – Guest, Judge & Speaker
Anime Go!, Wallsend UK – Host, Judge & Speaker
EGX, Birmingham UK – Judge & Speaker
Rai-Con Winter, Glasgow UK – Guest, Judge & Speaker

Glasgow Comic Con, Glasgow UK – Guest & Judge
Anime Go!, Wallsend UK – Host, Judge & Speaker
EGX, Birmingham UK – Speaker
Rai-Con Winter, Glasgow UK – Guest & Speaker

Sunderland Comic Con, Sunderland UK – Guest, Judge & Speaker
Newcastle Film & Comic Con, Newcastle UK – Guest, Judge & Speaker
EGX, Birmingham UK – Judge & Speaker
Densetsu, Gateshead UK – Guest of Honour, Judge & Speaker
Halloween Cosplay Workshop, South Shields UK– Organiser & Host

SunnyCon, Sunderland UK – Speaker
Hyper Japan, London UK – Guest, Judge & Speaker

AyaCon, Warwick UK – Speaker
Play Expo, Manchester UK – Guest, Judge & Speaker

2017 European Cosplay Gathering Season 7, Japan Expo, France
UK Solo Representative
Performance – Skies of Arcadia, Aika

2016 Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup, AnimeCon, Netherlands
Team UK Representative with PopcornKuma
Performance – Chobits, Sumomo & Chii

2013 World Cosplay Summit, Nagoya, Japan
Team UK representative with Yuka
Performance – Final Fantasy VI, Kefka Palazzo & Terra Branford

2013 Appearance on Youは何しに日本へ?, Japan
Team UK representative with Yuka

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you like what you see!
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