I’m really proud of this costume, it’s one of my all time favourites! Atelier designs are amazing craft projects – there are so many techniques and details to consider. After making Totori in 2012, I was itching to make another Atelier costume  I saw Shallotte, and knew it had to be her!

From her design alone, Shallie has a lot of features I love – cat ears, green hair, cute bows, sparkly trinkets and a pleated skirt to name a few! Her personality is really endearing too – it’s always refreshing to cosplay someone so upbeat and energetic!

I made Shallotte to match my friend Lex Cosplay as Shallistera. At long last we wore them together for a photoshoot at AnimeCon 2016! Once my costume was finished, I made her broom and updated some of the accessories before entering the UK qualifiers for European Cosplay Gathering, where I qualified as the Solo Act for Season 7!

Materials Used:

  • Brushed Polycotton • Jacket
  • Polyester Suiting • Jacket, Collar, Belt, Bag, Trims
  • Faux Suede • Jacket, Collar, Belt, Bag, Gloves, Trims
  • Cotton • Blouse
  • Duchess Satin • Bow, Trims
  • Upholstery Cotton • Skirt
  • Jersey • Hat, Gloves
  • Fleece • Hat
  • Canvas • Bag
  • Wig •  Jaguar in Laurel Green from Arda Wigs
Glasgow Comic Con 2016
SunnyCon 2016
AnimeCon 2016
EGX 2016
Anime Go! 2017
Japan Expo 2017
86th Floor July 2021
European Cosplay Gathering UK Solo Representative, 2017

Cosplayers Featured:

  • Shallotte Elminus • Exelia
  • Shallistera Argo Lex


Construction Notes:
Coming soon!