I started playing the mobile game Food Fantasy and was instantly hooked! The character designs are great, the gameplay is varied and fun too!

I really wanted to cosplay from it but couldn’t decide who. It made the most sense to make Milk first! Her costume is simple and she’s one of the first characters you meet in game – it’s so nice to be recognised by other players!

Materials Used:

  • Polyester Bi-Stretch • Dress
  • Polyester Pongee • Apron, Trims
  • Premo Sculpey • Horns
  • Wig • Jeri in Titanium Blonde from Coscraft
MinamiCon 2019
SunnyCon 2019

Construction Notes:
Food Fantasy has kind of taken over my life. When con season was approaching I couldn’t resist making something from it!

I originally planned to make Bonito Rice but his costume is much more involved and would have taken much more time, planning and money than I could justify before my next event. Looking at the other designs I liked, Milk was the best option. Her design is simple, adorable and the cow theme was too cute to resist!

This costume was really cheap to make because I used plain polyester bi-stretch and pongee. Typically pongee is a lining fabric, but it was ideal for the light, floaty look I wanted for this costume. It’s also very easy to iron and it photographs wonderfully.

The wig is a Jeri in Titanium Blonde from Coscraft. The colour is a pleasant milky off-white, rather than bright white. I straightened it using hot water to loosen the curls and trimmed the fringe to a better length, swept to the sides and secured with hairspray.

The horns are made from Premo Sculpey attached to hairpins. I shaped both horns by hand, baked them and sanded them smooth. Once they were smooth, I masked off thin stripes and used spraypaint to add definition. I didn’t have time to carve individual lines into the horns, so this was a quick alternative.

The hairband was kindly made by my sister by gathering leftover trim from the dress to cover a plain hairband. The hairband is finished with heart buttons and ribbons that sit behind my ears.

The dress is made from brown bi-stretch with white pongee for the trims. The pattern was adapted from.. you guessed it! Burda 6821. I tapered the bust, widened the skirt panels to add volume and extended the bottom to reach my ankles. The sleeves were drafted to fit and have a layer of netting inside to keep the puff shape. The white pongee trim around the edge of the sleeves is gathered with elastic.

The bottom of the dress is edged with horsehair braid. The skirt isn’t huge, but it helps create a floaty edge that suits the design. The dress is worn over a 65cm petticoat from Dolly and Dotty.

The collar is made from white pongee fabric. It is made as a separate panel which sits underneath the dress rather than a full blouse, similar to the collar I made for Nurse Sakura. There are two small ribbon sections at the front that the necktie slides under to keep stop the bow from moving around.

The necktie is made from yellow ribbon tied in a bow, attached to a slim ribbon which ties at the back of the neck. The bow is handsewn in place so it never needs retying. The milk bottle is made from a small glass craft jar I spraypainted white, detailed with black POSCA pen and attached to the front of the bow.

The apron is made from white pongee, detailed with ribbon and brown bi-stretch for the spots. The apron was patterned to fit on top of the dress from the same Burda 6821 pattern, with some adaptations to the neckline and back; it is made using 5 panels instead of 7, combining the back and side back together. Some references show the apron to be long, others to be short, so I went for something I was comfortable with and thought would be most flattering.

The front cross detail is done with brown ribbon and heart shaped buttons. The brown spots around the bottom of the apron were added with bondaweb and applique (guide here). The back closes with a concealed open end zipper and everything is finished with cute frills!

The socks are bought. The shoes are by the brand Angelic Imprint and were imported via Taobao.