Something cute and simple for Christmas! As soon as they revealed the seasonal design for Edna I decided to make it for Christmas Eve. The colours are so vibrant against her hair and I love the huge bells on the back. Super cute!

This costume was really easy to make and is super comfortable! It’s a bit cold though.. I’m not sure who decided open shoulders was a good idea for December..

Materials Used:

  • Fleece • Dress, Mittens
  • Faux Fur • Collar, Dress, Mittens, Boots
  • Drill • Trims
  • Ribbon • Trims
  • Wig •  Armin & Clip On in Pale Yellow Blonde from Coscraftdyed

Construction Notes:
I think the most time consuming part of this costume was actually looking for materials. It was really quick and simple to make!

The wig is an Armin & Clip On in Pale Yellow Blonde from Coscraft dyed with FW Ink. I dyed the tips of the wig with Flame Orange and Sepia ink using the 70% Isopropyl Alcohol method and a spray bottle. Once it was dry, I trimmed the wig and thinned the ponytail to match her design. The ribbon is tied around the ponytail and is secured inside the clip with a pin.

The hairband is made from ribbon with parts taken from a holly leaf decoration. The little hat is made from fleece and faux fur. It ties and secures around the back of my head with elastic.

The collar is made from faux fur with ribbon ties and handmade pompoms.

The dress is made from fleece with faux fur trims, green drill and velvet ribbon. It was made using the same pattern as Nurse Sakura, Burda 6821. I adjusted the skirt to flare out more for extra volume but the rest of the seams are basically the same. The top was adjusted for the shorter length and fur collar, and straps were added.

The back has two decorative polystyrene bells. They were covered with mod podge and gold glitter and fix on the inside of the “bow” at the back. There are smaller bells sewn inside so they jingle when I move! The loops on the bow are enforced with horsehair braid inside and the tails are finished with handmade pompoms.

The mittens are made from fleece with faux fur trims and little green bows. They’re a little big but it’s very easy to pick things up with them and they’re very cosy!

The boots were plain black and modified with faux fur. They aren’t accurate but they were much more comfortable than wearing soggy fleece boots in snow.

The umbrella is by Lisbeth Dahl. It matches Edna pretty nicely!