I love the marine-themed designs from Tales of Festival 2018! They’re so cute. I made this one in a couple of days as something simple and comfortable to take along to events!

The blue dress Anise wears is the same as Edna and Alisha, so this costume is really versatile too! The emblem on the sleeve was designed by myself and machine embroidered.

Materials Used:

  • Polyester Bi-Stretch • Hat, Dress, Collar
  • Wig • Brown Twin Clip Curl Wig from CosplayWig
MinamiCon 2019

Construction Notes:
I really love the marine designs from Tales of Festival 2018 – it was hard to pick just one! Eventually I settled on the blue dress as it works for Anise, Edna and Alisha – all I need to do is swap wigs!

The wig is reused from my old Anise costume, a Brown Twin Clip Curl Wig from CosplayWig. The pigtails were clipped sideways on the back of the wig for the lower curls and finished with ribbons tied to hairpins.

The hat is made from blue and red bistretch with white grosgrain ribbon. It’s made from an interfaced circle of fabric edged with a long strip of blue, gathered into the red hairband and finished with an embroidered patch. The hat is a bit big, but it allows plenty of space for the wig!

The dress is made from the same blue and red bistretch with white grosgrain ribbon and lace trims. The pattern was adapted from my current favourite, Burda 6821. My sister helped me draft the box pleats to fit and we adjusted the skirt to flare out for extra volume. We also changed the shape of the collar and added puff sleeves. The back closes with contrast zipper hidden underneath the sailor collar, which is wide enough to allow a zipper down the back.

The collar was patterned from scratch to fit around the neckline. The red necktie is sewn in place underneath the collar panels.

I changed some of the details on the dress to make it more flattering in real life. Instead of sewing flat coloured panels on the skirt, I made the dress with box pleats so they have a peek of red, and used cute heart shaped buttons for the diamonds at the top. There is a visible seam under the bust on some references but I chose not to add it.

I also switched the pointed trim out for lace – normally I would have made my own but I didn’t have time, and this was a cute alternative!

The patch on the hat and sleeve were designed by myself. It’s not totally accurate but it was very difficult to find a clear reference, and it certainly looks the part! You can see the finished design in the Construction Gallery.

The socks and shoes are bought. The socks have cute red bows on them!